Our Project

Our goal is to establish the Gen3 lineage as the breed standard for the Ossabaw Island Hog

Our herd was started in approximately 2003  with 3 sows and a boar by Byran Childress in Virginia.  By selecting the best, Childress sought to improve upon this critically endangered breed.

In 2012 our farm acquired these genetics and with the advice and guidance from Childress, and the Livestock Conservancy we sought to continue his work.  The original purpose of our herd was to raise awareness by bringing this heritage breed back from near extinction.  In order to do this, we needed to create a demand.  We did this by providing exceptional pork for Atlanta and regional chefs plus consumers.  More than 1500 Ossabaw piglets later, we were blessed with a select few “exceptional” animals to continue improving upon these genetics.

From these animals we started the Gen-3 line of Bridge-Line Ossabaws.  Our Gen 3 are the best-of-the-best.  By breeding exceptional boars to exceptional sows, we were able to increase the number of desirable Ossabaws from an ‘occasional’ piglet to 1 or more per litter.  Just because a piglet is tagged ‘exceptional at birth’, does not guarantee it will make the cut. 

Even at the adult level, sows are monitored for their mothering skills and litter sizes in addition to the quality of their offspring and boars are monitored for their temperament and quality of their offspring.

Our program

In 2020 we were dealt a triple blow.  Covid-19 shut down restaurants, feed prices soared and our processor burned to the ground.  Not wanting to lose the work we started nearly a decade ago, we moved the Gen-3 herd to a breeding facility where we can select breed 1:1 to create lineage and diversify genetics. 

Select piglets will be sold as breeding stock to help establish a network of homesteads style farms across the USA.   Those not considered breeder quality will be made available to consumers or local chefs for consumption.