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Ossabaw Island Pig

The Ossabaw hog is unusual and important for three reasons. Its history as an isolated island population means that they’re the closest genetic representative of historic stocks brought over by the Spanish. Second, the presence of pigs on Ossabaw Island provides scientists with an exceptional opportunity to study a long-term natural population. Third, the Ossabaw is biologically unique, having been shaped by natural selection in a challenging environment known for heat, humidity, and seasonal scarcity of food.

Ossabaws Island Hogs boasts a flavorful meat and fat loaded with fatty acids, omega 3's, unsaturated fat and oleic acid which is predominant in olives

The Ossabaw fat is so unsaturated that it nearly turns to liquid at room temperature. 

Due to the unique profile of the Ossabaw fat, they are exceptional for whole muscle charcuterie. The combination of silky, smooth fat and flavorful muscle creates a culinary offering one must experience to understand.

GOOD BREEDING STOCK Using Common Sense Husbandry, we have been able to breed for desired characteristics. As we continually strive to improve the quality of our herd, we always keep an eye on potential impressive young animals as future breeding stock.

In our natural free-range environment we have happy, healthy Ossabaw Island pigs

Through our quarterly wellness program and natural, free-range environment our Ossabaw Island Pigs are happy and healthy!

The taste profile of our meat is unique and unparalleled. The fat is high in Oleic Acid, the same heart healthy fat found in olive oil.

MOHAWKEN Top of the Breed. Mohawken possesses excellent size and confirmation. His added excellent temperament makes him one of the best boars in the entire breed.

Our hogs enjoy a properly balanced diet of non-GMO, forage and special supplement

FAMILY: Ossabaw Island Pigs are very good parents with boars remaining as part of our family groups. Our sows are chosen to develop the desired traits of the Ossabaw Island breed

Ossabaw Island Pigs are very social, family oriented animals, prospering in free-range conditions