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The oldest and Purest breed of swine in America

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Since 2013 we have dedicated our farm to the Ossabaw Island Hog, considered the oldest and purest breed of pork in America.

At one point our Hamthropology herd was considered the largest, non-hybridized conservation herd in the world.

We learned a lot about the Ossabaw Island Hog over the past decade. It’s history, genetics and physiological make-up as well as it’s fabulous flavor profile
are second to none and unlike any other breed of pork.

—Considered the Oldest and Purest Breed of Pork in America —

As our operation evolves from a Farm-to-Chef operation to a select 1:1 breeding operation, our goal is to raise the awareness of this fabulously flavorful lardy pig. Whether it’s for homesteads or small commercial herds for local chefs, the Ossabaw should be given consideration for purebred herds or used as for Market Crosses due to the success of the F1 cross maintains much of their positive characteristics.

We hope you find the Ossabaw Island Hog as uniquely special as we do.

Our Project

Our herd was started in approximately 2003  with 3 sows and a boar by Byran Childress in Virginia.  By selecting the best, Childress sought to improve upon this critically endangered breed.

In 2012 our farm acquired these genetics and with the advice and guidance from Childress, and the Livestock Conservancy we sought to continue his work.  The original purpose of our herd was to provide exceptional pork for Atlanta and Georgia chefs and consumers.  More than 1500 Ossabaw piglets, we were blessed with a select few “exceptional” animals to continue improving the genetics. 

From these animals we started the Gen-3 line of Bridge-Line Ossabaws.  Our Gen 3 are the best-of-the-best.  By breeding exceptional boars to exceptional sows, we were able to increase the number desirable Ossabaws from ‘occasional’ to 1 or more per litter.  However, this still does not guarantee they make the cut.  Sows are monitored for their mothering skills and litter sizes in addition to the quality of their offspring. 


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Our Mission

Our mission is to keep our bloodline pure which remains successful through selective breeding of purebred animals. Over the past decade there have been a small handful of Ossabaw Island Pig farmers using this selective breeding to improve the breed without hybridizing. The specific characteristics we breed for are size, growth rate, temperament and litter size. This premium bloodline produces only a few hundred animals nationwide annually. Therefore, supply is limited. We monitor our herds closely but allow this natural genetic selection, which is one of the aspects that makes them so special, to dictate future breeding stock.

We make our trademarked ‘Registered Ossabaw Island Pork’ available to fine restaurants and charcuteries, primarily in the Atlanta area. We also have a limited supply of restaurant quality meat, when available, to the general public. Availability is determined once our chef’s weekly requirements are determined. To get on the notification e-mail list, please Contact Us !

We invite you to take the opportunity to enjoy this scrumptious and historical pork at one of our fine Atlanta restaurants. Please visit our Hamthropology Facebook Page for updates on where our pork is being served.



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